Friday, 28 October 2016

28th October 2016:
This is a Halloween special practice, using components previously made and exported from Photoshop, featuring 4 bouncing pumpkins and a watching eye.
When exporting and uploading this GIF, most of the background has been lost, and makes the piece less nice then it had been.

Monday, 10 October 2016

 10th October 2016
These are a series of thumbnails from Photoshop and tablet sessions.
Octavia, Marquee Tool, Black and White Tone.

Braucis, Freehand Drawn, Black and White Tone.

Baucis, Moriana and Thekla, Value Study, Black and White Tones.

Anastasia, Lasso Tool, Black and White Tone.

          Abstract Thumbnails, Marquee and Lasso Tool, City Impressions.

This Exercise of vertical drops shows three different balls, all labeled to define the ideal differences in weight and size and how that effects how they fall in a 75 frame window; for example, the bowling ball is the largest of the three and is heavy, it falls quickly and barely bounces once as the force of gravity as well as solid hard material does not allow for much bounce.
The second ball, the tennis ball, is smaller and lighter, the typical material of a tennis ball is also very firm but soft, his makes tennis balls bouncy, thus the tennis ball falls slower and bounces the most with the highest peak of its bounce.
The ping pong ball is the smallest of the three and falls the slowest, it is light, airy and plastic, filled with air, this allows for it to fall slower than the two weighted balls and while it bounces, it is too light to bounce very high.
This third Animation Exercise is another example of space and timing, the timing is keyed into each bounce of the ball in the 60 frame loop, spacing helps give the illusion that the ball is bouncing, as there are less frames of the ball nearer the impact to the line compared to the peak of the bounce, this particular ball appears to be more cartoon-ish than previous exercises as we also explored squashing the ball at the point of impact and stretching it as it moved back into the air.
This is another Animation Exercise focusing on Arcs and motion, these two pendulums show the motion of arcs both correctly and incorrectly, the smaller top figure being incorrect as the ball does not swing and simply follows the line, as well as the line shortening and lengthening which would not apply logically to an arc or swinging motion. 
The Lower, larger arc is the correct arc, as the ball follows the curved line in a swinging motion and the line remains pretty much the same length.
Both Arcs are Animated to show motion in both directions and have the duration of 50 frames, although one is correct and one is not, the speed of their motion is pretty much the same.
Animation Exercise "Timing and Spacing", this particular exercise had us animate 2 balls from 2 layers over a 25 frame sequence, starting and stopping in the same place at the same time, one ball moving at a steady, constant pace and the other at a faster, less steady pace.
10th October 2016:
Learning to turn Photoshop Layered files into GIF files to show the progress of work, with the use of layers, the "apply image" option, and the use of the timeline.
Sample work, provided by Simon Holland.

Monday, 3 October 2016

23rd September 2016

This is the second of the Monsters University character design exercise, in which we were using the pen and curve tools to create a new layer of fine line art over our template, these lines appear unfinished and fragile, but with colour and shading, the image will look much better and solid as a whole.

Character Design Exercise - Colour, Shading and Highlighting

30th September 2016

This is the outcome of the third session in the "Monsters University" character design exercise, where we were shown to add new layers to put in colour and masks for shading and highlights, I do like this piece of work but would have liked it to look less shiny and have added texture to give a lightly furred look.

Character Design Template Exercise

This is the Template for our Character design activity.


Hi! I'm Kerry, I have just begun studying Computer Animation Arts.