Monday, 10 October 2016

This Exercise of vertical drops shows three different balls, all labeled to define the ideal differences in weight and size and how that effects how they fall in a 75 frame window; for example, the bowling ball is the largest of the three and is heavy, it falls quickly and barely bounces once as the force of gravity as well as solid hard material does not allow for much bounce.
The second ball, the tennis ball, is smaller and lighter, the typical material of a tennis ball is also very firm but soft, his makes tennis balls bouncy, thus the tennis ball falls slower and bounces the most with the highest peak of its bounce.
The ping pong ball is the smallest of the three and falls the slowest, it is light, airy and plastic, filled with air, this allows for it to fall slower than the two weighted balls and while it bounces, it is too light to bounce very high.

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